Thursday, October 30, 2008

NEW SOUNDTRACK - Tink Tells Time

Tink Tells The British Time !
To celebrate last Tuesday's (October 28th, 2008) release of Walt Disney's Tinker Bell on DVD, and to mark the end of British Summer Time (when clocks go back an hour), Disney has brought Tink's new voice to the famous British Talking Clock.
The British Talking Clock, which can be reached by calling 123 in Britain, has only had four permanent voices in the last 72 years. Also, instead of the famous three pips at the end of the time announcement, callers will hear special bells.
Tinker Bell will be telling the British time for the next three months. But Theme Park Audio Archives members will be able to keep this special piece of history for their own personal archives by downloading a piece of Tinker Bell's time telling. To save the file just right-click on the link and SAVE TARGET AS to your computer. Enjoy!
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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Theme Park Ring Tone Mashups

Here's something we can all have fun with! Customized Theme Park Ring Tones. And the best part is, they are free and will be available right here!

Here is the one I am currently using. It's for all of you Disneyland Matterhorn fans. I created it using audio from the original master tapes.

Right click this link and select SAVE TARGET AS to get yours now!

Now, let's see what kind of Theme Park Ring Tones you can come up with! Just send them to

Until next time,

Don Schockow
Theme Park Audio Archives

Monday, October 13, 2008

Another Little Treat

We will have lots more soundtracks coming up in the near future. But until then.......take a look at this picture!

I am sitting here in Seattle, WA. and I just took this picture of Disneyland. And you can too!

Howard Johnsons in Anaheim has put together a pretty cool little device that allows you to watch nearly live video of different views of Disneyland.

You can see extreme close-ups or widen out for a shot like this one. And if you are patient (about

a 6 minute wait), you'll even see a monorail glide by on the track below the Matterhorn.

The camera controls are fairly simple. Just click CONTROL at the top of the page and wait your turn. Once you get to take the controls you can check out a number of preselected views by clicking in the drop-down box under the controls.

I find the arrow keys a little tough to use for navigation. So, in my opinion, the best way to move about is to pick a preselected area from the drop-down, then use your mouse and left-click and drag a box aroung what you want to see. Then, by clicking parts of the picture, you can pinpoint right where you want to be.

Watch the Monorail on its journey by going to the Esplanade preset. Watch the Maliboomer shoot guests into the air by selecting the DCA - Paradise Pier option and then draw a box around the attraction. Experiment!

The camer is not always incredibly clear, and it is a little tricky to use at first, but it is lots of fun. It's fun to watch other people manuever the camera too! I keep it on all day at work, so start moving the camera around!

Here's another tip: If you have a good internet connection, set your frame rate to FASTEST and your view size to 640x480. That will give you the best streaming experience.

Also, play around with the other buttons at the top of the page. We have yet to figure out what Trigger is. Capture is a little too slow on our computer so we use screen capture with Snippet (in Vista).

And when you take the controls, see if you can figure out what PT Mode is. We haven't figured that one out yet either.

Check it out at


Don Schockow
Theme Park Audio Archives

Friday, October 10, 2008

How To Send Us Your Soundtrack Files

I am excited to say that we already have people offering to donate their Theme Park tracks to our archives. That is very exciting.

We have been looking into an easy way for our members to share their sound files and I feel we have come up with the best way. We had two requirements......easy......and free. And here it is:

I have personally tried this out and it works great. You can send a file to someone's e-mail address, or get a link that you can add to a blog (like this one!) for everyone to download.

So if you would like to add your files to the Theme Park Audio Archives, just visit Send Space, get your free account and join in the fun!

Don Schockow
Theme Park Audio Archives

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Soundtrack #1 - Hallowishes


It's October first, a perfect day to get things kicked off for the Theme Park Audio Archives.

And what perfect way to get things going than with a little Halloween fireworks soundtrack. Our first theme park soundtrack offering is from Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom. Here's a little info about this track:

Title: Happy Hallowishes: A Grim Grinning Ghosts Spooktacular in the Sky

Park: Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Event: Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

Description: The residents of the Haunted Mansion are getting ready for a Halloween Haunt! Madame Leota summons the 999 happy haunts as Thurl Ravenscroft begins his grim Grinning Ghosts serenade. Led by our Ghost Host, it is soon time for some Scary-oke, featuring a medley of spooky Disney songs. Disney stars, Ursula, Jafar and Oogie Boogie make guest appearances in the show!

In the end, Magic Kingdom guests are invited to "scream along".

Production: Hallowishes was created by Disney's Creative Entertainment division under the supervision of Steven Davidson and designer Brad Chicotti. The show premiered for Halloween 2005.


Madame Leota - Eleanor Audley
Singer - Thurl Ravenscroft
Master Edward Gracey (a/k/a "Ghost Host") - Cory Burton
Ursula the Sea Witch - Pat Carroll
Jafar - Jonathan Freeman
Oogie Boogie - Ken Page
Maleficent - Susan Blakslee
Little Leota - Leota Toombs

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