Thursday, October 30, 2008

NEW SOUNDTRACK - Tink Tells Time

Tink Tells The British Time !
To celebrate last Tuesday's (October 28th, 2008) release of Walt Disney's Tinker Bell on DVD, and to mark the end of British Summer Time (when clocks go back an hour), Disney has brought Tink's new voice to the famous British Talking Clock.
The British Talking Clock, which can be reached by calling 123 in Britain, has only had four permanent voices in the last 72 years. Also, instead of the famous three pips at the end of the time announcement, callers will hear special bells.
Tinker Bell will be telling the British time for the next three months. But Theme Park Audio Archives members will be able to keep this special piece of history for their own personal archives by downloading a piece of Tinker Bell's time telling. To save the file just right-click on the link and SAVE TARGET AS to your computer. Enjoy!
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